We've been documenting all the disgusting, rude things people do on the subway for many, many years now—people clipping their nails, spaghetti fights, people going down on each other, the pervs who take out their junk, the guy who licks his own shoe, the man who defecated himself. But the video below—in which a young lady can't hold it in, pees on herself, then decides to give herself a SFW makeshift shower on the subway—really is one of the more bizarre things we've seen.

A few things: why didn't the woman go between the cars if it really was an emergency? Why is the video taker so much more concerned about her ashy feet? Why is the woman casually carrying a gallon of water with her? Why does she have a robe and slippers with her? Could this be some sort of an "art" project? And why does she "shower" her shoulders, which were (probably?) not peed on? Oh right, because she's going to meet George, and she can't be late, and she doesn't want him to smell her like this. Duh. "People are so ignorant," as the pee woman's friend puts it.