Once upon a time, before Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers' biggest gripe with the MTA was that the famously cash-strapped Authority wanted to raise fares again. And guess what, they still do. And if you want to complain about it in person—or tell the MTA how much you missed them during Sandy and how you never want them to go away ever again—well, now is your chance.

Though the MTA had to move its Long Island hearing scheduled for tomorrow, the Brooklyn meeting is still a go. The fun starts at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams Street.

Honestly though, considering what a tremendous job the MTA has done preparing for and dealing with Hurricane Sandy we really can't begrudge them wanting money to pay for everything. Subway stations don't pump themselves, y'know? But maybe you aren't as forgiving as us! If you want to speak, you have until tonight at midnight to pre-register online.

Can't make tomorrow's Brooklyn meeting? There are meetings scheduled for the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan next week.