Dancing at PS1

It's a summer-in-the-city ritual: Going out to P.S.1 for the Summer Warm Up. Forget the art inside (or leave it to your bathroom trips inside) - the action is all outside, the DJs, the spilling beer, and the hot, sweat bodies pressed up against each other. And there are also some whimsical (maybe crazy) participants as well.

Gothamist stopped by this past weekend, where the line to get in snaked around the block, and it was nearly impossible to make our way to the dance area, as it seemed that all of Williamsburg was now in Queens. DJ Krivit was spinning and even the concrete steps were thumping. Most interesting fashion accessory: Handcuffs (we didn't know S&M had made its way to daytime).

The metal canopy

People cool their heelsThis year's urban beach was created by EMERGENT/Tom Wiscombe, which according to the press release "provides shade and cool water basins during the day, and transforms into a giant horizontal lantern at night."

And far be it for Gothamist to comment on how people should or should not rear their children, but is a courtyard overspilling with hipsters, dancing maniacs, and pot-smokers really the best place for your baby?