Queen Mary 2; Photo: Getty

The Queen Mary 2 docks in New York City today, after being delayed by storms yesterday to make its American coming out party. The "\longest, widest and tallest passenger ship" in the world today will be greeted by Mayor Bloomberg and other dignitaries, as well as heightened security from the NYPD. The ship will leave NY on Sunday, after the big Saturday night colorectal cancer fundraiser hosted by Katie Couric. So, for aspiring paparazzi and Gawker Stalkers, the Hudson piers will be the place to be. Of course, the veteran paparazzi know that all sorts of stuff goes down in that 'hood.

The city will be upgrading the NY Passenger Ship Terminal on the Hudson River to a new $150 million facility. In fact, the QM2 will be at Pier 92, which can barely fit the ship. A smaller $20 million facility will be built in Brooklyn during construction; Gothamist wonders if it will turn into a high end residential area after the project.


More about the Queen Mary 2 from Cunard Cruise Lines. And if book a cruise through United, you'll get double miles this month.

Updated: Quick photo of Queen Mary 2 docking at the Passenger Ship Terminal, from Gothamist's uptown offices.

Wueen Mary 2 Docks