In the wake of President Bush's Wednesday night address to the country, when he announced that he will send thousands of more soldiers to Iraq, hundreds of people protested the plan. They convened at the tiny island in the middle of Times Square in front of the U.S. Armed Forces recruiting station, with signs like "Stop the funding, stop the war" and "When government lies, Democracy dies" with drivers passing by honking their horns. Some protesters were dressed as Guantanamo prisoners. Of course, there were counter-protesters; one sign said, "Warning: Leftist protesters trying to demoralize our troops." No arrests were reported.

The protest was organized by United for Peace and Justice, which coordinated others across the country yesterday. There will be another, big rally on Saturday, January 27 in Washington, D.C.

Senator Charles Schumer said about the president's plan, "You'd almost think that this policy was designed by somebody who wanted to lose." John Edwards will be speaking about the Iraq war in Harlem, when he speaks at Riverside Church on Martin Luther King Day. And here is the President's Iraq plan. Yesterday, he awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor to an upstate New York corporal who threw himself on a grenade to shield other soldiers.

Photograph of demonstrators dressed as Gitmo prisoners in Times Square by Mary Altaffer/AP