Yesterday's May Day protests drew over 5,000 marchers from across the city, and from across the political spectrum. Most were there to protest Arizona's new immigration bill, with some signs even likening Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to Hitler. Demonstrator Britta Schultz told WABC, "A person like me for example, would probably not be stopped, just because I'm blonde I look like an American although I'm an immigrant, but a person of a different color or looking Hispanic would be stopped."

However, others were out protesting Congress' failure to institute immigration reform, and supported Arizona taking matters into their own hands. "If you come with the intent to become a citizen then comply with those laws, then you're not illegal. But if you are coming to stay under the wire, work for minimum wage and be exploited how could you complain about your circumstances?" said one supporter. However, that doesn't address the possibility for racial profiling, which is the main concern of most who oppose the bill. Protester Monica Wright told the Post, "If Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor can be questioned in Arizona, this is an issue that affects all New Yorkers. I feel like the only things missing are dogs and a water hose." The more things change, the more they stay the same.