2006_09_protest.jpgThe city is always a hotbed for activism. Metro has a story about two gay men and a lesbian staging a sit-in in front of the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square yesterday. Only thing is the USAFRS was closed! The three protesters, who were trying to "enlist in defiance of the military’s ban on homosexuals" believe the USAF knew they were staging the purpose and decided to close up. Jake Retain, a Soulforce coordinator, told Metro, "Why else would they be closed at 10 a.m. Wednesday?"

There is at least one protest today. Still upset over the incident where a Central Park hansom cab horse died last week, PETA is holding a protest today between noon and 1PM over horse carriage rides. Though the ASPCA is still looking into Juliet the horse's death (she collapsed, her owner was whipping her to get her to walk around, as per his vet's instructions; the thinking was she had colic and needed to move around to release gas), PETA wants all horse carriage rides to be shut down. PETA will be meeting on Park Row between Spruce and Frankfort Streets.

And we're hearing rumors of a nurse-in at the Times Square Toys R Us today at 11AM. You know, to protest the alleged actions of Toys R Us employees who told a mother she couldn't breastfeed where she wanted - even though it's NY State law that mothers can breastfeed in public and private places.