This morning, a protest group, Operation Sybil, had members rappel down the side of the Plaza Hotel and display a huge anti-Bush banner. Gothamist received some photos that the intrepid Lucie Eber took before the protesters were arrested. Hopefully more details will emerge on how this was orchestrated, because we're curious if they needed to reserve rooms or just walked into the hotel and made their way to the roof. It's just really stunning.

NY1 had a story about people making unwelcome banners for arriving delegates that will be on their roofs (for passing airplanes) or hang from their windows, or placing other anti-Bush/GOP symbols in their windows. And outside Madison Square Garden, protesters from ACT UP stood naked on Eighth Avenue for 15 minutes, holding up traffic; they were later handcuffed. Photos of female (kinda NSFW) and male protesters show that the words "Drop The Debt" are written on their bodies. ACT UP made sure there was a clothed member who could talk to media; Robert Dabney said, "This protest is to tell the naked truth to President Bush and the Republican Party. Our protestors are demanding number one that the president support full debt cancellation for the poorest nations in the world.”

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