2005_05_protestnuke.jpgYesterday, thousands of people protested outside the U.N. building the day before the United Nations' nuclear conference to review the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons treaty, ending with a Central Park rally. While estimates from United for Peace and Justice claimed 40,000 people attended, the police unofficially estimated more like 8-10,000 attendees. The protestors were also an international group, including survivors of the U.S.'s bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Newsday commented, "The rally in Central Park had the feel of a spring festival as much as an anti-war protest, with demonstrators laying out on blankets in the sun while they listened to speeches and music through the afternoon." Sunday did turn out to be a beautiful day. The NY Times wrote the rally seemed "carnivalesque" at times, with "a Japanese drum-and-cymbal ensemble that periodically broke into a high-stepping jig; bits of political theater involving pranksters wearing President Bush masks; a marching band featuring a banjo and led by a majorette with green hair and lug-sole boots; and a bagpiper playing an endless loop of Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' in the Wind.'" Hey, anything that gets people involved. Gothamist wonders if there will be any more protests before the city officially decides to limit the number of protestors in Central Park.

Photograph of Greenpeace protestor from the AP