Today at noon, members of the Pedicab Owner's Association, pedicab supporters, members of Time's Up! and more will be protesting new regulations the City Council is proposing. After a year of considering regulation, the City Council is apparently considering to lower the cap on pedicabs from 500 to 300 as well as banning electric motors.

The NY Pedicab Owners' Association says they are all for regulation, but claim that their suggestions, which include creating pedicabs stands, enforcing a "rule of five" where no more than five pedicabs can group together, and limiting the number of pedicabs in Times Square, have been rejected by the Department of Transportation, Community Board, and City Council Speaker Quinn's office. (You can read the NYPOA press release at Streetsblog.) NYPOA lobbyist Chad Marlow told Metro, "“What we want is something that addresses the problem of bunching up. A cap doesn’t address that. [The city] seems more interested in a symbolic solution than an actual one.”

Groups that are against pedicabs: Some hotels, Broadway theaters, and, of course, taxi cab groups, who claim pedicabs are dangerous, which may be true, but they are also competition.

The rally starts at noon at City Hall; there will be free pedicabs ride from the rally. More information at NYC Pedicab Association.

Photograph by kerfuffle & zeitgeist on Flickr