Photo via Amy Dreher's flickr

Yesterday protesters gathered outside of Mayor Bloomberg's mansion on East 79th Street for that protest against the mass slaughter of the city's Canada geese. Bloomberg had recently declared his support of the killings, saying, "It’s geese or human beings—I can tell you where I come out on that." However, there have only been 78 geese strikes in 10 years, and the Prospect Park geese that were recently killed were actually residing in a safe zone, outside of the radius determined too close to the airports.

The protesters brought some colorful signs with them yesterday, which said things like: "Goose killer, leave town!" and "Mayor Bloomberg to NYC Geese: Drop Dead!" and our favorite: "Give Geese a Chance." They also told the Daily News that they are "outraged by the mayor's destructive and violent crimes against wildlife," saying there is "no excuse" for it. Bloomberg wasn't hearing it though, and he managed to get past the protesters without uttering a word.