Two men carrying Mexican flags ran across the outfield during the 7th inning of the Mets-Diamondbacks game last night, punctuating a night of protest around the stadium. Hundreds gathered to promote a boycott against Arizona, its baseball team and the 2011 All-Star Game until the state's controversial immigration law is repealed. They probably would have gotten the point across better if they had been naked.

The law, which went into effect on Thursday, allows police to demand proof of citizenship when there is "reasonable belief" that the suspect is an illegal resident. However, on Wednesday a judge granted a preliminary injunction, meaning for now "police are prevented from questioning people's immigration status if there is reason to believe they are in the country illegally." But Arizona Governor Jan Brewer filed an appeal, which will be heard in November.

Protesters carried signs with slogans like, "Arizona = Apartheid" and, "Boycott Arizona," but some believed they were barking up the wrong tree. Diamondback outfielder Cole Gillespie told NY1, "Just because we're from that state, they think that we represent that whole idea and notion. They're going to want to protest us, but again, there's nothing we can do...all we can do is go out there and play."

However, Mets players like Rod Barajas and Carlos Beltran have spoken out against the law. Fan Freddy Bastone told Newsday (subscription required), "It's important to support guys like Beltran," and trying to make a living, regardless of national origin, "is a basic human right." But whatever your views on the subject, we can all agree that now is the perfect time to relive the glory of the Mets streaker: