Last Saturday a group of feminist protesters stood strong outside of an American Apparel store in NoHo, chanting things like, “Women’s bodies are a battleground,” “Women as sex toys—no more!” and “We need total revolution!” The rally was part of “From the Burkha to the Thong: Everything Must, and Can Change—We Need Total Revolution,” Sunsara Taylor's speaking tour, which was just at NYU.

Taylor (a self-described “controversial young communist") and her crew chastised the company for their "Search for the Best Bottom in the World" contest; 28-year-old protester Alice Woodward told the Villager it delivers a message that women are merely "disembodied butts and boobs." When confronted with the fact that the company is also searching for the best boy bottoms, they said they are against disembodied butts, in general.

Anyway, as you can see in today's advertisement, these classy American Apparel ladies are buttoned up to the top with oxford shirts and unisex knit crew necks! Just because they want to get comfy in a spandex lace unitard and assume the doggy-style position after a long day at the library or wherever, doesn't mean they're being objectified. And definitely not by that gentleman Dov Charney!