An angry crowd hurled slurs at residents of a homeless shelter in Elmhurst last night. According to DNAinfo, the protesters were angry because the Pan Am Hotel, which was previously a hostel, had been converted into a homeless shelter without notice. "Pay your rent!" shouted the demonstrators, which included children. "Get a job!" yelled others.

"We are at a public hearing after the fact," protester Kwong Li told the site. "I thought this was a democracy. I don't live in China anymore." 

When one woman stood up at the public meeting to remind the audience that "by the grace of God, each one of you could be in the same spot," the local residents "booed her and told her to sit down."

Ninety families currently live in the Pam Am, which is the 21st shelter in Queens but the first for Community Board 4.

"They probably have it good now, but anybody could struggle," one homeless resident said of the protesters. "They don't know until it happens to them. You don't know until you go through it."

The de Blasio administration inherited an unprecedented homelessness epidemic, and is currently trying to negotiate lower fees from the landlords that comprise the bloated, costly shelter system set up by Mayor Bloomberg.