Come on—isn't this romantic? (Photograph by Bethany O'Grady/Gothamist)

As the Occupy Wall Street movement faces internal rifts about how to handle money, there's another issue that has been cropping up: Doing the nasty.

Metropolis reports, "Outdoor sex has been a topic of discussion at quality-of-life meetings held each afternoon inside Zuccotti Park. Some people have expressed discomfort with sexual activity in their midst, but Andrew Carbon, 26 years old, said protesters generally are loathe to restrict anyone’s behavior." Carbon explained, "To be controlling someone’s own autonomy is a sensitive issue. It’s a bad image if it’s visible, but policing it is wrong." Yeah, residents probably want OWS to crack down on the public pooping first, but we've heard that protesters have had sex on the tables at the site.

One protester who left his girlfriend behind in California has "shared sleeping bags with... several women" and says, "It’s a natural human thing. It’s part of our support structure. It’s nice to have someone to care about. It’s nice to have someone to hug and kiss." As it happens, the NY Times Magazine had a photograph of two young protesters, and the 19-year-old revealed, "I’m doing well now, though. I drank six Four Lokos with Core, a beer or two. And then we ordered an iced mocha and two chicken fingers and large fries. I lost my virginity today. I was amped for it."

Some protesters are partaking in some donated condoms (though not OWS condoms)—a volunteer medic told Metropolis, "He was concerned with overpopulation. I thought he meant in the park, but I guess he meant in the world. He said, ‘Just make sure people aren’t breeding." The medic also revealed there are requests for pregnancy tests! Imagine—the occupation lasts for eight more months and there's a Zuccotti Park baby!