As planned since a judge okay'd Forest City Ratner's demolition of buildings in downtown Brooklyn, Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn held a protest this morning. FCR says that they own all the buildings and therefore should be allowed to tear them down, but DDDB says one concern is that the land will remain vacant if the project doesn't happen. DDDB's Ron Shiffman told NY1, "I find it very ironic that the day after Earth Day and the day after the mayor, I think, made a magnificent speech calling for us to be the greenest city, that we're destroying buildings that have already been built, buildings that have a lot of energy in them and destroying them, in this case before the lawsuits have been settled."

Brownstoner noticed "it didn't look like any back-hoes were waiting in the wings, so perhaps the buildings will live another day." Perhaps, given that FCR needs to deal with many lawsuits about the project.

DDDB also contends that the state is calling the area blighted just for the project; we wrote about non-blight in a supposedly blighted stretch of Dean Street last year.

Photograph from Brownstoner