Great Lawn

Even though a judge denied their request to rally in the Central Park, protest group United for Peace and Justice will still be holding their protest march (assembly on Sunday, at 10AM, West 14th Street and 7th Avenue). State Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline W. Silbermann said that the UPJ's three month delay in filing a suit was "inexcusable"; the UPJ claims it had been negotiating with the NYPD in the past months. Currently, the UPJ is meeting with the NYPD to discuss where the protest will disband, now that they will not be rallying on the West Side Highway.

There were hints that protesters may still head to Central Park; Police Commissioner Kelly noted that and gave more nuance to the city's position:

"People have a right to go to the park, and if people go to the park, we'll have the sufficient police presence there to make sure people remain orderly. The park is open. It's open to all New Yorkers. You need a permit to have a sound device in the park. You need a permit to have a march on city streets. I believe that they'll adhere to the law."

The UPJ is considering appealing this decision, but after the convention.