Over a dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested today outside Goldman Sachs, where they had marched with 300 others after holding a mock trial of CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Among those arrested were performance artist gadfly Reverend Billy and author and columnist Chris Hedges, who is a senior fellow at The Nation Institute. Hedges and the Rev joined several others in a direct action protest outside the firm, sitting down on the sidewalk, linking arms, and refusing to leave. It seems clear the activists intended to be arrested; earlier today Reverend Billy tweeted, "I'll spend the afternoon in a police van with Chris Hedges and come out ten times more READY for the miracle! Revolujah!"

Earlier, in Zuccotti Park, "prosecutors" conducting the mock trial demanded "the return of billions of taxpayer dollars to the 99 percent and criminal sentences for those Goldman Sachs executives who carried out the fraud." They then marched en masse to the firm's headquarters, led by four drummers and chanting "Goldman Sucks!", to deliver the verdict and demand Blankfein's imprisonment. On the way, they chanted “Goldman Sucks.” The Daily News reports that some construction workers sitting along Church Street gave them the thumbs up , while a businessman muttered, “What a bunch of idiots."Typical businessman!