For four hours this morning, a protester sat atop the 70-foot orange sculpture on the southeast end of Zuccotti Park until police used a cherry picker to bring him down. According to NBC, the protester was Canadian citizen Dylan Farenhorst, who scaled Mark di Suvero's "Joie de Vivre" at 5 a.m. "He's making a point," one protester who met Farenhorst two days ago, and admitted that he was "not the sharpest knife in the drawer." But he's uh, the loudest bongo in the drum circle!

"He's really making a nuisance for everyone," his new friend said of Farenhorst. "They're cutting down poles. They're moving all the little kids out of the way." The children were around the park because of a planned family sleepover last night. Farenhorst was "non-confrontational" with the NYPD, and shook hands with the officer assigned to retrieve him. He requested to speak with Mayor Bloomberg and for 15 officers to leave their posts from the park, before coming down at 9 a.m. Farenhorst was arrested and taken to Bellevue for evaluation, but if he wants to "occupy art" he should consult the movement's Occupy Museums offshoot.