Can you stand it - the Republican Convention is just 11 days away! ABC Eyewitness News reported that the NYPD was shadowing "dangerous" protestors, in anticipation of the Republican National Convention. This seemed inevitable: Just as various protest groups had suggested people infilitrate Republican Convention volunteer groups, we're sure there are a fair number of undercover officers, not to mention GOP plants, in the protest groups. Gothamist imagines the mental checklist of dangerous protesters to include "shaggy haircut," "membership to an environmental organization," and "college credit for a women's studies course." Oh, and the image is from ABC 7; somehow, police horse's rear is part of the intelligence gathering process.

United for Peace and Justice has finally sued the city to use the Great Lawn for an anti-war protest on August 29. Interestingly, former Mayor Dinkins said the Great Lawn should be a go for protestors, making him odd man out alongside Mayor Bloomberg and former Mayor Koch at the press conference for Peaceful Protester Discounts. And continuing on the peaceful protester tip, Newsday talks to some civil disobedience types to have their own suggestions for the mayor: "Not tear-gassing would be a nice idea. Not bringing out dogs would be a nice idea." And tale of two cities mentions the "blue protest" that Gothamist imagines anyone with a website received. What if you just don't like the color blue? What then?