Baba Wawa committed a major boobie boo boo when she mentioned on The View that she was uncomfortable having a woman breastfeed on the plane next to her. Babs, it's not like the woman asked you to hold her breast or something! Thus, various "lactivists" protested outside of ABC's headquarters on the Upper West Side, and if there's only thing that makes you look bad, it's having mothers and babies protest in the sweltering heat. The NY Times reported about the "nurse-in", mentioning how the recommendation of breast feeding is clashing with society's prudishness about seeing breast feeding. One man walking by said, "Are there people who are against breast-feeding? I do prefer it if you're discreet, but hey, I'm behind you. Go go go."

The Daily News spoke to one woman who said, "I'd do it on the subway. I'd do it in the library. I'd do it in the park. I've never been a particularly shy person, but some people are, and they shouldn't be discouraged from doing something natural." Hmm, subway breast feeding - we wonder if that would be fine-worthy. Gothamist has no real issues with seeing a mother nurse a child - unless the child is old enough to go to tie his or her shoes. In terms of what The View will probably do, we imagine there will be a segment about breast feeding in public, and then mothers in the audience will get breast pumps.

And a mother was shot in the mouth while breastfeeding her son, when stray gunfire from the street entered her Brooklyn apartment. She is recovering at Bellevue, and her son was unharmed.

Photographs by Marilyn Yee for the NY Times