Protesters in the van; Photo: Bluejake

With the convention winding down, the coverage is turning to examine how the protests and police have coexisted these past few days. The NY Times goes through the NYPD's tools of the trade when dealing with protests, and Newsday looks at how protesters are able to inflitrate Madison Square Garden, in spite of the GOP's best efforts, like yesterday's AIDS' activists who disturbed Andy Card's speech. Standard Deviance does some down and dirty research into who exactly was the protester that was arrested during Cheney's speech. Protesters are also taking responsibility for the theft of the American flag on the Brooklyn Bridge. The ransom note of sorts on indymedia demands that Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and President Bush resign in exchange for the flag. The Daily News points out "If protestors accomplished the theft, they would have to have been skilled climbers or crazy, or perhaps both."

The Village Voice has an article by a protester who was locked up at Pier 57, aka Guantanamo on the Hudson. Gothamist saw a clip of Mayor Bloomberg commenting on protesters' complaints about Pier 57 being dirty and gross. His words were something to the effect of "It's not supposed to be's not supposed to be Club Med..." then realizes people who go to Club Med and Club Med itself might be a constituency, so he adds "I went to Club Med, and it was great..." Then he laughed at himself. Oh, boy. Some more "arresting tales" from the Daily News. And for our money, our favorite jailbird might be Satan's Laundromat for his 30 hour stint but we're a little disappointed he couldn't secretly harbor a camera into the holding pen.

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