Last night, Picture New York held a First Amendment rally in Union Square to protest some wacky new rules the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcast. For instance, permits would be needed for a group of two or more people who want to use a camera in a single public location for more than a half hour as well as any group of five or more people who would be using a tripod for more than ten minutes. And did we mentioned the $1 million in liability insurance? While the rules are supposed to apply to professional filmmakers and photographers, many people are concerned that some amateur photographers and filmmakers would be targeted.

Many people attended, especially as the rally took place right before the July Critical Mass Ride. Check out this WNBC 4 segment about it - apparently the MOFTB may consider revising the rules. The public comment period about the rules will end August 3. The NYCLU has a fact sheet about the comment period (PDF), the city's proposed rules (PDF), and the NYCLU's comments (PDF).

There are some more great photos of the rally from edittrix, zodak and Tozzer. And was this guy arrested for riding his bike across the flag?

Photograph of the First Amendment rally in Union Square by zodak on Flickr