Donnell Bardon—or rather, the Ice Pick Stabber of Prospect Park, as he will be known in prison if he's convicted—has quite a lengthy history of erratic behavior, the Daily News reports.

In 1992, Barden plead guilty to attempted murder for firing a gun "in the direction" of a cop, who had been looking for Barden on the basis that he had "tied up his old boss, put tape over his mouth and stole his credit cards." He was behind bars for seven years, and released in 2010.

Barden was picked up yesterday at 15th St. and West Drive, following a May 17 incident in which he allegedly stabbed a dog in Prospect Park. Concerned park-goers posted flyers around the area, urging others to stay the hell away from Barden if they saw him.

But wait. Did Barden really deserve to be charged? Or are we all just pearl-clutching gentrifiers jumping to subtle racially-motivated conclusions?

Writing for Medium, Amanda McCormick argues that perhaps we were all unfairly pegging Barden as a deranged criminal when perhaps he was Just Confused. After all, we don't all know the precise turtle-count of the dog beach, and the delicate social code on which hanging out in a park precariously balances. Perhaps it's possible Barden is a victim of racial profiling—she invokes George Zimmerman and admits she is "the last person in the world to be 'profiled.'"

"The whole story to me was remote, something that happened in a far more racist and emotionally-charged landscape than my own far more progressive and even-keeled enclave," she writes, before sharing the assumptions that define the boundaries of her world:

I assume that the black people I know, who travel in the exact same circles as I do, are, in general, safer from a random racist attack from a trigger-happy cracker. I also assume that people in my cohort are less likely to make blatantly racist assumptions about black people. Probably in general these things are true, but they conveniently overlook the exceptions, those who break inviolable rules.

McCormick adds that perhaps everyone is just super uncomfortable with Barden because he's "not an argyle sweater-wearing guy. Not a kindly, professor of comparative economics-type of guy. Just in every way not getting the vibe of the dog park." Yeah, a vibe that's supposed to be ice pick-free.

To be fair, Barden may be a very nice guy when he's not shooting at cops or tying up bosses or (allegedly!) stabbing at pets.