As we know

, the 4th of July left a huge mess in the city's public spaces, particularly Prospect Park. Nothing says independence like the freedom to trash your neighborhood! At the time, the Prospect Park Alliance had noted the challenge of cleaning after holidays, but the Brooklyn Paper reports that this Sunday the park was left in even worse shape. Allegedly a company called MIH Ventures held their annual Heatwave BBQ there, leaving behind hundreds of pounds of trash.

The Parks Department is now going after the events planning company, who didn't have a permit (which is needed for gatherings of over 25 people). Parks spokesman Phil Abramson told the paper, "we are looking into our options available to recover any damages." Since there was no permit, the parks crew wasn't prepared for the amount of cleaning, and one worker says it took four hours, two dumptrucks and forty people to clean up after the revelers departed.

One volunteer was worried about the nearly 400 small children at a day camp in that park, who were left "playing and sitting in the aftermath of that garbage, which was infested with rats."