So-called "wolf packs" of teenagers have been increasingly mugging people in Prospect Park lately. The Post says many of the robberies' victims are teens, where suddenly "they are surrounded by a larger group of youths" who then take their money and cellphones. However, a mugging last week was on a 53 year old man who was "shoved to the sidewalk, kicked and robbed," which is alarming, if the teens are looking to be more and more violent (if you're mugged, just give up your money and cellphone so you can walk away from it - remember the guy who was shot twice for his cellphone?). The police are not sure if the gangs are involved or if the violence is random, but eight arrests have not stopped the crimes. The Post listed the crimes and where they took place:

April 15: Fifth Street & Prospect Park West (inside park)
April 18: Third Street & PPW (inside park)
April 28: Fifth Street & PPW (outside park)
April 28: 16th Street Drive & West Driver (inside prak)
May 4: PPW & Seventh Street (outside park)
May 5: PPW & President Street (inside park)
May 20: Inside park, exact location unclear
May 24: Two attacks, exact locations unclear

For the crimes where the location was clear, those are generally popular areas, especially if you're outside the park or on the path. We're curious what time these crimes took place (afternoon? evening?), but we're sure the police are eager to stop this. If not the police, then we'd guess a consortium of real estate agencies will start to do a neighborhood patrol.

Photograph from Bluejake