Following up on crimes from over a year and a half ago, a 46 year-old man pleaded guilty yesterday to raping an elderly woman and beating another woman in Prospect Park in 2003. The Post reports that Bennie Hogan, whose crimes span over 30 years, accepted a plea that would keep him behind bars for 25 years. It turns out Hogan had been released from jail after serving time for "molesting a woman on a subway" when he first raped a 67 year-old woman in August 2003. Then he attacked and attempted to rape a 33 year-old woman in September 2003 (which Gothamist remembers) before a police man stopped the attack.

There was a feeling that there was a "crime wave" in Prospect Park at the end of 2003; can any Slopers tell us if the Park has gotten safer?