Just leave albino squirrel alone, okay? (Photo via lensjockey's flickr)

Prospect Park has long been plagued with peculiar animal tragedies—from Santeria to man-made mishaps. Today, the Brooklyn Paper reports on the latest: the police have pounced on some poachers in the park, who have allegedly been hunting duck, squirrel, and even pigeon in the area.

The paper reports that Parks officers wrote out tickets for killing wildlife, as well as illegal fishing—$2,100 all in all (they could have gotten 190 foie gras donuts for that!).

Initial reports are painting the poachers as a "Bevery Hillbillies"-esque "tribe," who have been described as possibly homeless. They allegedly capture the animals and then grill them over the fire. One park-goer called them, "the most threatening people in the park.” However, the group isn't killing for fun or ritual—they are killing for survival, it seems.