Prospect Park is filled with all sorts of interesting things, including guinea pigs, feminist fireworks, dismembered goat's heads, and cyclist traps. You can now add skeletons decked out in Brooklyn Nets apparel to that list.

Runner Kate Steciw told NBC that she came upon a human skeleton wearing a Brooklyn Nets hat, a t-shirt, goggles and sweatpants yesterday in the park. It was "standing" up on display behind a wrought iron fence near Ocean Avenue in the southeastern part of the park. Surrounding the skeleton were four paintings of flowers; behind it was an American flag.

It sounds as though Steciw didn't quite believe her eyes at first: "I took a picture of it and then I got a queasy feeling, because it looked so, so real," she said. She called the cops, but had a hard time describing the scene: "I was trying to explain to them that it was a skeleton standing upright, dressed in clothes with objects arranged around it,” she said.

Officers removed the skeleton and are investigating the incident now, trying to determine if it is indeed human remains and whether any crime was committed.