Just weeks after The Man offed 290 Canada geese in Prospect Park, there are already 37 (and counting) back in their place. It's like a water-drenched, post-midnight snacking scene out of Gremlins! According to the Brooklyn Paper, the newcomers are getting coddled by the locals, who are feeding them and, allegedly, "setting the stage for another population boom next mating season."

One expert told the paper the population won't continue to grow at this rate, and no more gassings for the park's geese are planned for the immediate future. However, an official with the Humane Society points out, “The program kills geese, and then more will fly in—as they have in Prospect Park—and then they’ll have to kill more geese." At this time, the US Department of Agriculture hasn't commented on the fact that Prospect Park is over 7 miles away from the city's airports (and geese were only supposed to be euthanized within that 7 mile radius).

For now, it looks like these birds are safe... until Mayor Bloomberg catches wind of them and channels his inner-Elmer Fudd.