The last summons written for litter in Prospect Park was allegedly over 20 months ago, according to the Brooklyn Paper (though, what about that epic trash pile left after last summer's Heatwave BBQ?). The paper reports that Park Enforcement Patrol officers have written zero tickets for litter since 2008, but have issued 147 tickets for dogs that were not on a leash.

One local dog owner declared, “It’s so crazy! I’m floored, really! Numbers like this show they’re doing nothing to prevent the litter—prevention is key!” However, Parks Department spokesman Phil Abramson says it's hard to target litterers because an officer has to see the littering in action in order to issue a summons.

However, with all the trash being left in the park (there's an entire blog dedicated to documenting it!), it's a little hard to believe that since 2008 no officer has spotted a litterbug in action. How did no one spot this television getting dumped in the lake?