Laura Medina; Photo - NY PostThe homeless man who attacked and tried to rape a woman in Prospect Park on Tuesday was held on $500,000 bail yesterday. One of Bernie Hogan's victims, Laura Medina who was groped on a Brooklyn street by him, spoke at the hearing, saying, "He is repeating it and he obviously doesn't care at all."

The prosecutor told the Post that the Prospect Park victim's head was bruised, she suffered massive blood loss, loss of consciousness and a broken jaw. The woman, a 33 year-old fashion designer, is recovering at King's County Hospital. Additionally, the criminal complaint says "Hogan punched the woman 12 times, tried to pull her pants down and said he was going to rape her." One of Hogan's relatives said, "He wasn't trying to rape her. He was trying to rob her." As if that makes the situation any less reprehensible.

The Times looks at Bernie Hogan's record.