Turns out the water in Prospect Park Lake—that many thought was contaminated following a few bird deaths—is totally fine! The Department of Environmental Protection ran a test and everything checked out... so why are all these birds dying?

PIX News reports from the scene, where in recent weeks a dead duck, a dead blackbird, a dead crawfish, chicken heads and other dismembered animals have been discovered. John Boy the local swan was also found injured there recently; he later died. It's unknown at this time if the bird deaths have anything to do with the dismembered animal parts, but with contaminated water being ruled out all signs point to animal cruelty.

What's most shocking is that when the network arrived at the park yesterday... all those dismembered animal parts were still there! The police told reporters they were the "original batch" and that they are still trying to find out who is responsible for dumping them. Meanwhile, children were "disgusted" by the body parts. Perhaps it's time to clean those up?