On Saturday night, two men were shot to death while sitting in a car parked at Washington Avenue and St. John's Place in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn, just two blocks from the Brooklyn Museum. According to police, Vance Rock, 23, was shot in the head and Darrian Delk, 19, was shot in the torso; both were pronounced dead the hospital. WPIX reports the gunmen may have been on motorcycles.

Rock and Delk had attended a block party earlier in the evening. The Daily News reports, "Witnesses told cops that a fight erupted earlier in the evening that may have involved the two men... Detectives suspect the shooting was in retaliation for that fracas, though the nature of the altercation was not immediately known." The NY Times set the scene, "Food and drinks were served, and people danced to salsa, reggae and Michael Jackson songs. Mothers brought children in strollers. Then, about 10 p.m., the music was turned off, and suddenly the sound of three or four gunshots rang out, according to some witnesses."

One neighbor told the Times, "I have heard it is about a woman. I heard it was about bikers," while a relative of the victims said the shooters wanted the car. Police said there were no shell casings at the scene, raising the possibility a revolver was used; a detective told the News, "The shooters are getting smarter. [It] could be a more professional job."