Charges have been dropped against Dailene Rosario, the pregnant Bronx teenager who was Tasered by police earlier this year in an incident captured on a witness' cell phone video.

The News reports that after reviewing the incident, prosecutors in the Bronx decided to drop the disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and harassment charges against Rosario, 17, that could have sent her to Rikers Island for a year. Rosario told reporters she was pleased with the decision to drop the charges, and asked for an investigation of the police officers involved in the incident.

Rosario's lawyer, Scott Rynecki, told reporters that Rosario was still having complications in her pregnancy due to getting Tasered and echoed her call for an investigation. "We are calling upon the Bronx district attorney’s office to fully investigate the officer who wrongfully used his Taser and filed a criminal complaint that is full of statements that are not true, as depicted in the video."

"A message has to be sent to the police department that it’s not going to be acceptable to just keep making accusations that aren’t true in these complaints," Rynecki said according to CBS. A spokesperson from the Bronx District Attorney's office told the News that an investigation into the incident is taking place, but didn't say if it was centered on the police officers involved in it.

Rosario was Tasered by a police officer in February this year, after officers responding to a separate call tried to investigate a fight that broke out between her brothers. The NYPD Patrol Guide advises officers not to Tase "obviously pregnant" women. Rosario is now suing the city for $5.5 million.