The senseless murder of Brooklyn super Shayne Sinclair last year was even sadder than it first appeared, according to prosecutors in the murder trial of 62-year-old Errol Irving. They say that the killing was over heat and hot water.

Back in February, 2011, Sinclair stopped by an SRO on East 51st Street, where he was the superintendent, to pick up some tools. Leaving his wife, infant daughter and friends in the car he went into the building—and never came back out. Prosecutors say Irving, a tenant in the building who had previously "served 20 years in prison for incest and sodomy," was upset that he didn't have heat or hot water and so started a fight with the super. And then he stabbed him repeatedly and fatally.

"All that anger should have been directed at the landlord," Brooklyn ADA Bernarda Villalona said in court yesterday. "Shayne Sinclair didn’t have a chance. He was unarmed and was just going in to get his tools."

Even sadder? Sinclair was in the process of leaving town with his family, but was just trying to make some more money first.