111708weed2.jpgNew York's special narcotics prosecutor is putting pressure on Craigslist to curb ads for drugs. According to the Daily News, prosecutor Bridget Brennan wants the website to develop "screening mechanisms" to curb the high number of narcotic ads on the site, which are often posted using such slang as "ski" (cocaine) and "Tina Turner tickets" (crystal meth). Cops have been trolling the site and making busts, which include the high-profile arrest of Citigroup vice president Mark Rayner for selling 50 Ecstasy pills and 7 grams of cocaine for $1,200. Brennan says it's "like shooting fish in a barrel," and the crackdown seems to be working already: A quick search of Craigslist this morning didn't turn up any ads for narcotics—just posts like these for weed whackers, and a "Special 420 Yoga Mat with extra thick great comfort for the end of the day when you need that special feeling."