2008_04_guzmanme.jpgYesterday, a doctor who treated police shooting victim Joseph Guzman was the prosecution's last witness, detailing how Guzman was riddled with bullets. Guzman's friend, Sean Bell, was killed in the gunfire, and two undercover detectives face manslaughter charges while another faces reckless endangerment charges for the shooting.

Surgeon Dr. Albert Cooper testified that on November 25, 2006, Guzman was brought into the Mary Immaculate Hospital, "He was telling me in somewhat of a mumbling voice that he should live and I should help him to live." He found 19 bullet holes in Guzman, in his legs, abdomen, chest, cheekbone, and intestines.

The staff found seven bullets, so Cooper believes the 12 remaining holes were from six bullets that passed through him. He added these were "life-threatening injuries. if they are not treated in a timely fashion.” [Related: NY Times article on how it's possible to survive being shot so many times.] After his testimony, the prosecution rested its case.

Today, the defense called police officer Michael Carey. Carey, who fired three of the 50 police-fired shots but was not charged, testified that he heard Detective Gescard Insora identify himself as police (the prosecution contends the police did not identify themselves, leading Bell and Guzman to think they were criminals). The defense is expected to call only a half-dozen witnesses--they will not call the detectives on trial--and may be able to end the case by the end of next week.

Bell's family and fiancee believe the prosecution's case is strong, but the defense thinks the prosecution helped its case by calling witnesses who said they heard the police ID themselves.