Today the Times catches up with one of our favorite recent stories.

Last month David Sasson was arrested for "committing horticultural homicide," or arborcide, in Union Square when he ripped up 23 hydrangea bushes, 7 roses of Sharon, 3 butterfly bushes, a Chinese dogwood, a magnolia tree and more than 20 ornamental trees telling the police that "All trees and nests must die and be controlled!" (photos of the damage here and here).

This is not the first time such things have happened. The Parks Department has even given some previous arborcidal maniacs nicknames like "The Butcher of Bay Ridge, the Elmhurst Executioner, the Gansevoort Girdler and the Mastermind of the Mosholu Massacre."

But don't worry, "arborcide is rare. Much more common," according to a Parks Department spokesman, "is the lesser offense of what is tactfully described as 'pruning without a license.'"

Aw, jeez. We love New York.