Did you know that a Staten Island Assemblyman co-sponsored legislation that would have cameras capture drivers who go 5 miles over the speed limit? According to the State Island Advance, "Violators convicted of traveling between five and 10 miles per hour more than the posted speed limit will be charged a $50 fine. Driving between 10 and 30 mph above the limit will result in a $75 fine that doubles to $150 for speeders who exceed 30 mph."

Apparently, the bill would "would allow cities in the state with a population of 1 million or more to test a program for five years that would place no more than 40 'speed-limit photo devices' at troubled intersections or roads, in an attempt to curtail speeding." State Assemblyman Matthew Titone said, "I will advocate to move it out of the transportation committee to the floor. It is a common-sense measure that can hopefully deter a tragedy."

Another co-sponsor is Staten Island's Lou Tobacco, who has received numerous complaints about speeding in residential neighborhoods, "At the end of the day, the law is the law. t’s better to have our police assigned to crimefighting and not traffic baby-sitting."

Yesterday, Transportation Alternatives revealed the most dangerous neighborhoods—the advocacy group has also plotted bicyclist and pedestrian accidents.