The MTA has released details for its subway and bus fare hike. While the base fare will still stay at $2, there will be increases for unlimited cards - plus a new two-week unlimited:

  • 1-Day Fun Pass: Increases from $7 to $7.50
  • 7-Day Pass: Increases from $24 to $25*
  • New 14-Day Pass: $47* (*Current 7-Day Pass users who switch to the new 14-Day Pass will actually enjoy a fare reduction.)
  • 30-Day Pass: Increases from $76 to $81
  • Express Bus Base Fare: Remains $5
  • Express Bus 7-Day Pass: Remains $41

The monthly unlimited card increase works out to 6.6%, while the weekly unlimited increase is 4.2% higher than before.

The most confusing this is that the pay-per-ride bonus will decrease from 20% (if you bought a $10 card, you'd get a free $2 ride) to 15%, and the minimum cost for a pay-per-ride card will be $7. Which, means, per the NY Times:

That means that when someone puts $7 on a pay-per-ride MetroCard, the card would show an additional 15 percent, or $1.05, for a total of $8.05.

As a result, many riders’ MetroCards would show uneven amounts as they gradually accrue enough bonus money for an additional fare. The current 20 percent bonus allows for simpler math, with straphangers who buy pay-per-ride MetroCards receiving an additional ride for every five rides they buy. Under the 15 percent bonus system, a rider would have to buy seven rides before earning a full additional ride.

Hello, headache! And that's more incentive NOT to lose your Metrocards.

Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver said that he's been urging Governor Spitzer to delay the fare hike (the MTA will vote on it next week, on 12/19). City Council Christine Quinn said, "With so many other dark things on the economic horizon right now, don't make New Yorkers pay a higher fare when they just don't have to."

And today, the MTA is holding a "webinar" to discuss the fare hike. Held between 12PM and 1:30PM, register here to participate.

Photograph of a Metrocard vending machine by phil h on Flickr