Yesterday morning, a 51 year old woman was hit by an air conditioner unit that fell out an East 104th Street window. The Post reports Lynda Kneish had been walking on the sidewalk when the AC tumbled from the third floor, and her "right leg was crushed, the bone shattered. She also suffered broken ribs, a broken pelvis, fractured vertebrae, and internal bleeding." Yikes. Kneish's husband, who was waiting for a friend nearby, said, "I came around and saw the police. I asked them what happened and then I saw my wife lying on the floor." It turns out maintenance men had been working on the AC, and it also turns out the Kneishes are "contemplating legal action." You know, if you're working on the AC unit, especially window units, isn't the number one thing to do is make sure it's totally secure?

Photograph of bowl as air-conditioner-prop from Michele Howley's cool props