2008_08_bxbox.jpgTwenty-year-old Ronney Vargas, a three-time Golden Gloves champion was shot and killed after a dispute yesterday in the Bronx. Following a confrontation at a bodega in East Tremont, a group of male suspects followed Vargas and blocked his car in, then pistol-whipped and shot him in the torso. Vargas then desperately tried to drive off, sideswiping a number of cars before finally getting out and collapsing. Vargas had just turned pro last year and was already 8-0. His family says that his high profile within their South Bronx neighborhood may have made him more of a target. A police source told the NY Daily News, "It was a dispute over some females. He talked to the wrong girls, and the boyfriend didn't like it." And apparently the killing was caught on surveillance tape