Kids these days really need to get some inspiration from Ms. Andie Walsh, poster girl for the wrong side of the tracks. The NY Times takes a look at how the financial crisis is hitting prom-bound teenagers and their parents—but recession or not, Molly Ringwald's character made it work with a hand-me-down and a little elbow grease (video!). Yet here we are. Take Lindsay from Long Island, she suckered her parents into doling out $500 so far with the old "it's a once in a lifetime" guilt trip. Meanwhile, the parents say they're "constantly worrying about money” and job security. With the prom industry expecting a 6% increase in business this year, it looks like one family's financial turmoil is another's recession buster. One shop owner told the paper, “Girls are going to prom no matter what... and trust me, a lot of the girls will not compromise. They will have an aunt pay for it, a godmother, a friend.”