DRO, aka Deadly Ruthless Outlaw and Paul Mendez, was apprehended last week after an 8 month search. The police charged him with graffiti crimes in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan - apparently DRO doesn't like Staten Island.

Newsday reports that Mendez was actually arrested by the police last June, when he was trying to break into a store. Because, when you're a prolific tagger, there's nothing like tempting fate - and the law. The cops found DVDs in his car showing Mendez and other members of the All City Crew (ACC) tagging various places around town, which might have been a lucky break for the police, but Mendez was let out before the police could secure warrants for the DVDs!

The ACC has been around since the early 1990s, but DRO has been doing a lot of stuff in the past year or two. He was found last Wednesday at a homeless shelter in Brownsville, and he told police, "I'm DRO. I had stopped but I was challenged and that is when I started blowing up." Mendez, whose charges are related to graffiti from early last year, is currently out on bail. And last fall, the police arrested the "worst of the worst" graffiti taggers, MAP.

Photo of DRO tag from the Streets Are Saying Things; here are more DRO tags