2006_06_boottray.jpgFor some reason, the bitter battle over a Park Avenue vestibule mesmerizes us. Yes, it's about two wealthy (we'd imagine) couples arguing over who gets sole control of the little "common" hallway that lead to their duplex apartments and who gets to decorate it and some guests for apartment 1B accidentally being taking to 2A across the hall. Maybe we're just aspiring to have those problems, like, some day we'll live in apartment buildings where there aren't signs asking people not to urinate in the hallways (please!).

You can read the insane, minute details of the case here if you have an hour, but in a nutshell, a co-op board ruled that apartment 2A could have sole decorating and leaving-snow-boots -in-the-hall rights to the vestibule, as apartment 1B has another street-level entrance at 941 Park Avenue. Actually, just read the ruling, because there's hilarious stuff about how Apartment 2A argued that they might "find it 'embarrassing and disturbing' to open 'the door to retrieve mail and hav[e] a stranger staring at them.'"