092608stanns.jpgParents paying $20,000 or more a year to send their kids to St. Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights aren't too thrilled about the Federal probation office that's opened up 100 feet down the street. Earlier this week, just ten minutes before school let out, a parolee who had served 12 years in jail on drug-related charges bolted from the building as officers tried to arrest him for assault. Karen Fischer was about to pick up her son Sebastian when she saw officers chasing the man; she tells Channel 9 one of the officers reached for his gun but thought better of it. St. Ann's dean Larry Weiss says, "This is exactly what we were told was not going to happen." Weiss was also promised there wouldn't be sex offenders coming into the office; turns out 53 sex offenders—including 6 convicted pedophiles—have swung by since they opened. At least the good news for Sebastian is that his mom will definitely picking him up on time this year. [Brownstoner]