It is a new year, so about time for another celebrity breakdown in a hotel, eh? In the same vein as Charlie Sheen trashing the Plaza's Eloise Suite and Daniel Baldwin's naked run in that same hotel (shouting "BALDWIN!") the News reports that Christian skater and sometimes musician Jereme Rogers went on a angel dust-fueled rampage through the Afinia Shelburn Hotel's 11th floor hallway this morning around 9:30 a.m. Which must have been one heck of a wake up call for some travelers!

The NYPD will only confirm that an emotionally disturbed male was transported this morning from the hotel to Bellevue and the hotel is staying mum but the News seems pretty confident it was Rogers. And it wouldn't be the first time the recently un-retired religious skater's drug abuse caused him trouble: "In June 2009, the Redondo Beach-based boarder stripped nude and started ranting from a rooftop, prompting cops to pull him down." No charges were filed then and he later blamed the incident on some shrooms.

According to the NYPD no charges against the man taken from Shelburn hotel are pending. Still, the real question all of this raises to us is: People are still willing take angel dust?