The esteemed Bay Ridge private school Adelphi Academy has apparently filed a cease and desist order against a neighborhood message board that has hosted threads that were critical of the school. The post in question — which has since been removed from the forum — addressed, among other things, Daily News articles covering the school's $2.1 million deficit in 2006, the foreclosure proceedings against the academy's 86th Street property, reports of teachers' paychecks bouncing, and the firing of a dean after he allegedly discovered a hidden bank account run by the school's Corporate Director.

Bay Ridge Talk's administrator posted news of the cease and desist order on the forum, noting: "Adelphi had its lawyers send me 2 cease and desist letters regarding the thread and its 'false and defamatory' content. Its the first time a thread has ever been removed in the history of Bay Ridge Talk. My apologies." Commenters on the message board claimed that sending out a cease and desist order was the worst thing the academy could do: "so thats a total backfire! They lose a LOT more points in my book for being dicks about a stupid message board thread than anything else Ive heard about them."

Calls to Adelphi Academy regarding the cease and desist order were not immediately returned.