Lest you think iPod thieves are your stereotypical thugs, it seems that Emily Wiest, daughter of Oscar winning Woody Allen regular and former Law & Order D.A. Nora Lewin, Dianne Wiest, was arrested along with two friends after beating up a classmate and stealing his iPod and sunglasses. The three girls had gotten into an argument with a 16 year old boy at the Beekman School on East 50th Street and, according to the Post, "plotted to finish the fight that afternoon." They jumped him during recess, beating and kicking him. The police say the victim, who is described as being "scrawny," didn't have any serious injuries, but was bruised and had cuts.

The three girls spent the night in central booking, and if there's anything that one should learn from an episode of Law & Order is "Don't speak!" And other posts about iPod robberies: Central Park, subways.